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Basic grooming

Basic grooming helps you keep you pride and joy feeling and looking their best. It is a good opportunity to routinely check out your friend by looking at their ears, take care of any mats and just a good once over.

Recommended Equiptment

Slicker Brush
Steel Comb
Ear Powder (medicated) or liquid ear cleaner supplied by your vet
Nail Clipper (scissors type)
Clipper (A5)
#10 blade
#7 blade
Stripping Knife (optional)
Thinning Shears


Comb the coat to remove any dead hair. A slicker brush may be used on any matted areas.
  Clean the ears by dusting the inside with medicated ear powder or a liquid cleanser available from your veterinarian.
  Cut the nails with a nail clipper, removing only the tips of the nails.


  Scissor the hair from between the pads on the bottom of the feet (not between the toes, just around the pads)
  Clip the hair from the rectum area (about half an inch on either side of the rectum) using a #10 blade. Never put the blade in direct contact with the rectum (you can also use a 32-tooth single sided thinning shear)
  Clip the hair on the front of the neck using a #7 blade to just above the brisket & blend into the base of the neck.
  Thin the hair on the side of the neck with your thinning shears. Taper the hair so that the long hair on the back of the neck gradually blends into the short hair under the neck. This procedure will remove the thick ruff that obscures the throat line.
  Remove any straggly hair on both sides of the ears with a stripping knife or single sided thinner.
  Scissor the whiskers on the muzzle as well as any long hair over the eyes and on the face.*
  Remove any straggly hair on the back with your stripping knife. Do not strip the entire back, as this will distort the natural coat. This step may also be done with thinning shears.
11)   Scissor the leg featherings just enough to make the fringe appear natural, not scissored.
12)   Remove any long uneven hair from the hock down to the bottom of the foot with your thinning shears. (Best when the shears are angled vertically across the hock.)
13)   Comb the hair up from between the toes, and trim them level with the top of the foot, using your thinning shears.
14)   Scissor around the outside edges of the feet to round them off.
15)   Bathe the dog.
16)   Apply a coat conditioner by first putting a small amount on your hands and then rubbing it into the coat. Rinse.
17)   Towel or crate dry.

*For pet grooming this step is optional.

The Brittany should be bathed and groomed every eight to twelve weeks. The ears should be cleaned weekly and the nails should be checked monthly to see if they need clipping.

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