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Practical Applications of Natural Therapies -- by Marina Zacharias

Holistic Medicine encompasses some of the oldest forms of medicine in the world i.e. herbs; homeopathy; glandulars; acupuncture etc. These forms of medicine are practiced predominately worldwide and exceed the use of conventional or western medicine as we know it here in North America. Science is now starting to catch up and prove the validity of many so called folk remedies. The goal is to help the body truly heal itself. Holistic therapies give us the option of choosing alternatives that can be given to help the body truly heal the condition instead of masking the symptoms as in most conventional drug therapy.

There are many such cases where holistic therapies have proven more effective, especially in cases where conventional treatments offer nothing or no hope. Here are a few more examples.

Of course veterinary advice should always be sought in the case of serious illness and injury.

Many breeding and fertility problems can solved with the use of natural remedies.

Stud dogs that suffer from chronic or acute prostate problems are usually advised to be neutered. Many valuable breeding lines have been lost unnecessarily.

To help the prostate we have found that by using two homeopathic remedies called Inflammation and Prostate combined with a glandular nutritional supplement called Prostate Complex gives excellent results. The Prostate Complex also contains Saw Palmetto which is well studied in helping prostate health. With these remedies urination and sperm production returns to normal.

Dogs with low or no sperm counts have also shown great results. ( Of course an underlying condition of thyroid disorder or infection should be properly ruled out). In many instances there is no specific diagnosis given to these dogs which can include even the very young. To help we have used a glandular called Symplex M which gives support to the male reproductive system. Also two amino acids are given called L'Arginine and L' Carnitine ( again both are well studied to increase sperm production).

A good multiple vitamin is also given called Spectra. This is a very high quality vitamin that is sold through physicians ( My whole family takes this routinely and it is amazing the difference in our energy and overall well being.) The dog vitamins on the market are simply not potent enough to have any therapeutic value even for everyday health. These supplements can also be used to enhance sperm production prior to collections for freezing or artificial inseminations.

Bitches that have irregular cycles are have difficulty in conceiving can be greatly helped by giving a glandular called Symplex F and a homeopathic called Hormeel. These help the body regulate natural hormonal imbalances. For bitches whose seasons are overdue; two homeopathics would be used with the Symplex F. One is called Sepia and the other Pituitary. This combination will not bring bitches falsely into season but again helps to regulate their cycle and they come into a good breedable season relatively quickly.

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