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Practical Applications of Natural Therapies -- by Marina Zacharias (Continued)

When breeding, to ensure a good gestation and easy labor breeders have been relying on a homeopathic remedy called Pregnancy formula and an herbal formula called NR Birth Aid. This is imported from England and contains a proportionate blend of well known female herbs including, wild raspberry leaves; dandelion leaves; wild hawthorn; elder and dill.

For bitches with a history of resorption; early labor; or simply losing pups after birth ( ruling out any thyroid disorder) two other homeopathic remedies should strongly be considered along with the remedies mentioned previously. Viburnam opulis 30c and Fading Puppy remedy. When the Fading Puppy Remedy is given during pregnancy we see not only improvement in the vigor of the pups but also the weights of the pups in the litter tend to be more even. This remedy is wonderful for pups for prevention. I give it twice daily until they are approx. 3 weeks. If there is a puppy not doing well; losing weight or just won't nurse the remedy helps them fight and gets them going again. It has saved countless pups who otherwise would have been lost needlessly. ( It of course can not save pups with congenital defects)

It is extremely important to help the immune system during pregnancy. When a bitch is bred her immune function automatically down regulates in order to accept the fetus. Thus making her more susceptible to infections.

I rely on NR Herbal Compounds. They have been used for decades with good success. These contain such pungent herbs as Sage, Thyme, Garlic, Wormwood, and Eucalyptus. When given to lactating bitches the herbal properties pass through the milk and help the puppies immune functions too. ( A nice side effect seems to be generally worm free pups!)

Acute or chronic infections can be troublesome at anytime and antibiotics are frequently and easily over prescribed. Many times, i.e. during pregnancy, an alternative to antibiotics would be preferable.

Mastitis is a good example. With nursing pups most breeders cringe at the thought of having to put the bitch on strong antibiotics. We have successfully treated mastitis without the use of antibiotics especially when the owner catches it early.

The homeopathics we use are Bryaconeel; Traumeel; Echinacea Comp. Forte; and Mastitis remedy. These are given every hour until symptoms abate. Then, they are given 3-4 times daily until pups are weaned. Adjunct therapy would be Immuplex ( glandular) and Colloidal Silver. ( oligo trace element. Note one has to be extremely careful of the quality and strength of this remedy. Stronger strength is not better and used long term could cause harm.)

There are many good and safe natural therapies that can be given to help the body fight off and heal the infection. Each case needs to be treated individually of course, but some of my favorites are: Prolive ( this is made from an olive leaf extract that has scientifically been proven to kill many bacteria as well as viral and fungal strains. Immuplex ( a glandular to support the thymus and spleen.) Isatis ( a chinese herbal formula for infections)

The above mentioned remedies are safe to give during pregnancy and are great for those bitches that have had a history of bacterial infections( the cause of many miscarriages.)

A very common problem at any time that can turn into a serious chronic condition is a bladder infection. It is quite usual after a course of antibiotics, that a bladder infection returns and a stronger antibiotic must be found or a combination of them must be used.

This can lead to bacteria that become resistant to antibiotics which leaves the animal in a weakened state. I have found that using homeopathics called Solidago Comp. ( a specific remedy for bladder and kidney irritations)and Echinacea Comp Forte. ( a comprehensive remedy to help the body fight a variety of infections, including staph. and strep. bacteria. This should not be confused with the simple herbal form of echinacea.)


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