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A trained dog is a happy dog!

The owner of a well trained dog is happier too. Whether or not to train your dog is not an option, for if you don’t train them, they will surely train you and you probably won’t like the results. A Brittany can be so charming and cute it can be easier sometimes just to give in to his whims. Therein lies the danger! Always remember that the cute little puppy on your lap will grow up one day and, if untrained, could become a terror in your household!

There is no reason for you to feel guilty about enforcing rules. Dogs love structure! Instead of resenting rules, dogs feel more secure in an environment in which everyone knows his or her place and understands expected behavior.

In nature, canines live in a strict society with a clearly identified leader and in which everyone else has a place in the “pack family”. Since you are the one that buys the dog food and pays the mortgage, it is only natural for you to be the “pack leader.”

Dogs don’t resent taking a secondary role in the “pack” since it is part of their nature. What dogs don’t like is uncertainty about what is expected of them, so consistency is extremely important in your training program.

Don’t give into him one day then expect him to obey the rules tomorrow. If you don’t want the dog to jump up on people, then don’t let him do it “sometimes.” Wishy-washy rules only confuse the dog and can actually increase unwanted behaviors.
Training any dog does take up time, but it’s time well spent for both you and your dog. Training sessions should always have a positive tone, but remember to remain steady and consistent in your expectations. If things don’t go well one day, try not to get angry. Your dog will probably not understand why you have suddenly changed from his good buddy into a screaming stranger. By the same token, going into long explanations of why he is such a “bad dog” is just a waste of your breath for he doesn’t speak your language. Don’t try to reason with him! If he doesn’t do what you want, calmly show him the correct behavior and then reward him for it with praise and/or a treat. He will learn much more quickly this way. Remember that he really does want to please you and praise will encourage him to do the right thing again.

Thoroughly investigate the breed before you decide to bring a Brittany home. Breeders, trainers and owners can tell you what you might expect when training a Brittany. Some dogs will learn quickly while others require more time. Breeders should be able to give you a good idea of the trainability and personality quirks common in their lines.
Always try to end your training sessions on a positive note! Before you finish each training session, give your dog a chance to do a task that you are sure he can do successfully and reward him before quitting for the day.

There are many books that can help you learn how to train your dog and if you set up a regular schedule of training and stick to it, you can see positive results in a fairly short time. (There are a few such books listed on our recommended reading page.) If you are the type of person who needs help sticking to a training schedule or you’re not sure you are training correctly to get the results you want, enrolling in a training class is a good idea. You and your dog may make some great new friends as well!





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