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Questions to Ask Potential Breeders

Selecting a puppy that is just right for your family is an adventure well worth taking and there are a few guidelines that we advise you to follow. In this space, Brittanys Online offers a sort of roadmap for you or a friend contemplating the purchase of a puppy or young started dog.

When choosing a puppy (either a Brittany or any other breed) you have many things to consider. First, be as cautious as you would be in selecting a prospective roommate or long term guest. Learn about the breed and its characteristics. Be certain the breed and its temperament will fit in well with your home, lifestyle and family. Consider the longevity of the breed and whether you are willing to commit to keeping the dog for its lifetime. The average life span of a Brittany is around 13 years.

Identify and select traits important to you, then rank desirable characteristics in order of importance. You may discover your needs will direct you to a different breed entirely. Once you have decided that a Brittany is right for you, your next step is to find the right breeder.
Whether you are interviewing several breeders or just one, do not be afraid to ask questions. The following questions are listed here as a guide to help you get to know the person from whom you may be getting your puppy and the practices they follow as a breeder. You may give more importance to some questions than others and for some you may need to do further research to understand what you feel is the right answer for you.

Is the breeder active in any breed related clubs,
if not why not?
Do they engage in any competitions, training, or hunting? What criteria (tests, accomplishments) does the breeder require of breeding stock, and why?
Will they provide a guarantee in writing? Do they sell on a contract? (If so, what are the terms and guarantees?) Does their contract address hereditary problems? What type of registration do they offer (limited or full)? Do they require spaying or neutering?
What requirements must a puppy buyer meet to
receive a puppy?
Can the breeder supply references?
Can you see the puppies and at what age? Can you visit more than once?
What shots are included?
Have the puppies been wormed?
When will your AKC (registration) papers be
released to you?
Do they breed more than one breed? If so, how many different breeds?
How many litters per year do they normally breed?
How many breeding animals do they have?
How are the dogs maintained--in kennels or in the home?
Where are the puppies raised?
Do they do puppy testing?
Will a vet see the puppy before you buy it?
What are the known health problems with Brittanys, and what steps are being taken to minimize the chance of those problems occurring in the breeder's litters?
Do they have an OFA or PENN HIP check done and can you see a copy of the report?
At what age are the puppies placed in their new homes?


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