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Questions to Ask Potential Breeders (Continued)

There is no national registry that ranks breeders as to their ethics or the quality of puppies they produce. It is possible for you to get a truly great puppy from any one of them. Your chances are just much better, however, when you deal with a good, reputable breeder.

Remember that all breeders are not equal. AKC registration does not automatically insure quality but it should insure the basic appearance of the dog. You can begin your search by contacting the American Brittany Club to ask for a referral to your local club. Not all good breeders will belong to any one organization and you may need to visit a show, check with your local veterinarian or feed store to see who may be a match for your family's needs. Order a magazine or two to from the National breed club to gain more information about the breed and breeders. While you are waiting to find your new best friend, arm yourself with some books about training.

The responsibility, therefore, lies on your shoulders to make a good decision. You have to do your homework, ask lots of questions, and invest the necessary time before you make this important decision.

After you pick the right breed and breeder for you, you may discover there are no puppies currently available. In that case, it is best to WAIT! It will be worth it as you will have your companion for many years to come, so it's best to make a good decision right from the start.

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