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Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Make sure your pet is healthy before you leave and that all vaccinations are up to date. If your dog is on regular medication, make sure that you have a sufficient supply for the length of your trip. This also applies to any special foods or ointments. You will also need a health certificate signed by your veterinarian if you are flying with the dog.
Pack an adequate supply of food and the water your dog is used to along with favorite toys or a special bed if he/she has one.
Be sure that your dog is wearing a secure collar with an ID tag on it. You can also make a temporary tag of cardboard with the address and phone number of your destination. Tape it to the collar with some strong, clear tape. You might also pack a recent photo in case the dog is separated from you at your destination.
Before leaving, look up veterinarians near your destination so you will know where to go quickly in case of an emergency.
Keep your dog comfortable and safe, especially in the car. Remember to keep the auto well ventilated for the animal, park in the shade when you stop for lunch and do not leave the dog unattended in the car for long periods of time. Don't forget that an automobile can heat up enough to become deadly in a matter of just minutes! Do not let your dog ride on your lap while you are driving. The safest place for your dog to ride is in a crate. (See our Crate article.)
Plan all travel accommodations ahead of time. Many hotels and motels do not accept pets or have only a limited number of rooms available to people with pets, so try to have all your reservations made well in advance of your trip.
Make sure your dog has good manners. He/she should know the basic commands "quiet," "come," "sit" and "stay" so that the dog will be a courteous and welcome guest.
Watch your manners too! Cleaning up after your pet is vitally important to the future of traveling with dogs. Inconsiderate people who do not clean up make it more difficult for others to find accommodations that will allow pets.

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